A Journey Into the Depths of Nihilism (2021)A Journey Into the Depths of Nihilism


1) A Constant State of Disgust
2) In the Recluse of Incorrigible Stupidity
3) A Perception of Nothingness
4) A Physical Embodiment of Human Sickness
5) Wandering Alone Through the Old Forest of Eternal Burning Hatred
6) Down Below the Stones THere's A Place I Call Home
7) Speak from Hate
8) The Ballad of the Lost

Album line-up:

The Engineer - Vocals
The Shapeshifter - Guitar, programming, backing vocals
The Scientist - Bass guitar, backing vocals
The Defiler - Drums

Von Mollestein:
Mr. Cooger - Vocals
Dunkelwalt Immerkalt - Programming, guitars

Co-released by Zwaertgevegt.